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A Udemy Course For Eurovision Betting By Michael Gibson

Michael is the creator of the Eurovision Investor Model which he teaches about in his Udemy Course. He lives in Melbourne Australia and works in the healthcare sector. His analytical mind led him to pursue knowledge in the financial realm including sharemarket / commodities technical charting analysis, investment strategy, risk:reward portfolio setups, and betting strategies for Eurovision and also for horse racing.


Michael is a life-long student of financial markets. This interest in-turn helped him develop the Investor Model for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is a fundamental investing model using a range of technical indicators. This is the actual model he uses to trade the Eurovision markets to this day. He also loves horse racing. The Melbourne Cup is Australia's greatest horse race held every November. He uses the Melbourne Cup to bankroll Eurovision with usually a larger capital base.

The years 2019 to 2021 have been the most lucrative period in his wagering career, with big wins not only recorded in Eurovision but also in the Melbourne Cup. Below are the Investor Model spreadsheets from 2018, 2019 and 2021 for Eurovision, and also the Melbourne Cup Model for 2020 and some winning wagers with Twilight Payment the winning horse in 2021.

eurovision 2018
melbourne cup 2020
eurovision 2019
cup wager
eurovision 2021
cup wager

However, after several years of making a decent profit from Eurovision wagering, Betfair opted to impose the dreaded premium charge on his account up-to the tune of 60% in commission fees. Knowing that the Investor Model was so invaluable to Eurovision trading, he decided to release this indicator to the public as part of a Comprehensive Course on Udemy for a low cost fee. Access to this Course will help you make better wagering choices for yourself, and not fall victim to the speculation, sentiment and hype that plagues Eurovision betting today resulting in poorer returns.

What Makes Eurovision Such A Great Betting Event Is The Potential For An Annual Passive Income Stream From This Global $50 Million+ Betting Event...

  The Average Punter     V    The Algorithm Investor


In this FLAGSHIP COURSE, you will learn:

  • 1. What the Eurovision Song Contest is all about and how you can profit from it

  • 2. Why Eurovision is such a compelling betting opportunity with a worldwide wagering pool of over $50 million USD

  • 3. How to gain many strategic advantages over other traders in the betting market

  • 4. Identify the key data metrics that are statistically significant towards realising success

  • 5. How to analyse the data and implement a betting strategy that you can count on

  • 6. Essential action steps to enable a new passive income stream to enrich your life

"...there’s no hype, no ego, only the numbers... wouldn't bet on eurovision without this, period!"

Rob Hornsby, San Fransisco USA

"A great educational and profitable eurovision experience. Always eagerly awaiting for annual updates in hope for a privy of his recommendations in real time!"

Hein Maung, Melbourne AUS

"Love the analysis. As a struggling trader you’ve really helped me understand what a favorable ESC betting setup looks like. I appreciate the time you put into your course every year."

Karl Andersson, Stockholm SWE

"I consider this an essential investment if you want to bet on Eurovision. The algo tells you exactly what you need to know and on reflection simply makes sense. Thank you for this."

Edith Wilson, London ENG

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